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  About The School  

About Our School



Reaching Beyond Expectations

Red Bud Elementary School’s mission is to create a community of learners who Reach Beyond Expectations.



 ·       Learning is the chief priority of the school.

·       A safe, respectful, and orderly environment promotes learning.

·       All students can learn when provided with a variety of effective instructional techniques and learning opportunities that address their individual needs.

·       Challenging expectations promote performance.

·       Learning opportunities should relate to real life experiences and inspire life long learning.

·       Educators and school support staff must continuously seek ways to improve performance.

·       Educators, support staff, parents and the community share the responsibility for promoting the success and improvement of the school.

·       School faculty and staff members must be focused on and cohesively work towards the same goal for significant school improvement.

·       Professionalism fosters a mutual respect for others and obligates all school employees to work ethically.